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General use conditions


According to article 10 of Law 34/2002, 11th July, “Society Services of Information and Electronic Commerce (LSSI)”, we inform you of the following information.

FRUIT FRIENDS 2012, S.R.L. [hereafter FRUIT FRIENDS] is the owner of the Web page bornfruits.com and will act exclusively as the manager of the contents of the present Web. FRUIT FRIENDS addressed at: Barcelona 08040, Mercabarna, Pabellón C 3043, NIF B 65716862, is responsible for the management and functioning of the Web previously mentioned. If you would like to contact us, you can do so by post at the previously mentioned address, or by e-mail at: hola@bornfruits.com

CONCEPT OF USER If you use the web you are considered an user and this implies full acceptance without any reservation of every and each point in this Legal Notice, published by FRUIT FRIENDS, from the moment the user accesses the web. In consequence, the user must read carefully the present Legal Notice every time he or she wishes to use the Web, as these may be modified.

FRUIT FRIENDS, is only responsible for its own web and any access to webs by links or any information offered by third parties is not the responsibility of FRUIT FRIENDS.

Any use of links or access to a web not owned by FRUIT FRIENDS is at the users responsibility and FRUIT FRIENDS does not recommend nor guarantee any information obtained by a link through a third party which comes from a web that is not from bornfruits.com, neither is it responsible for any loss, claims or damages derived from the use or bad use of a link or the information obtained through it, including other links or webs, interruption of service or in the access, or trying to use or the incorrect use of a link, even if the connection is via the Web bornfruits.com or by accessing the information by other webs from the same Web page.

RENUNCIATION AND LIMITATION OF THE RESPONSIBILITY The information and the services included or availability by the Web could include errors or spelling mistakes. Periodically changes in the contents will be made. FRUIT FRIENDS, can introduce improvements and or changes in its service or contents at any time. We would like to inform you that the contents on this Web, are designed to inform, keep in contact with you, send information about our services, and are in accordance with what is envisaged in the present Legal Notice and the rest of legal text on this present Web Page.

INFORMATION ON EXEMPTION OF TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY DERIVED FROM THE LOSS OF CONTENT DERIVING FROM TECHNICAL PROBLEMS. FRUIT FRIENDS, is not responsible if there are interruptions or if the services and contents offered on the internet do not work adequately, regardless of the cause. Likewise, FRUIT FRIENDS is not responsible for, the internet going down, loss of business due to these failures and temporary electricity power cuts or any other types of cuts. FRUIT FRIENDS, does not declare nor guarantee that the services or contents will not be interrupted or free of errors, and that they will be repaired, or that the service or the provider will be free of viruses or any other damaging component, whilst FRUIT FRIENDS, will do its utmost to avoid these types of incidences. If the user takes some decisions or carries out actions based on information included on any “websites”, it is recommendable to check the information by consulting other sources.


  1. The structure, design and way of presenting the elements (graphs, images, files, logotypes, colour combinations and any element susceptible to protection) are protected by intellectual property laws, owned by FRUIT FRIENDS.

  2. It is prohibited to reproduce, transform, distribute, communicate in public, make publically available and in generally exploit in any form partially or totally the elements referred to in the previous section. These acts of exploitation can only be carried out if authorised by FRUIT FRIENDS, and if this were to be the case, there must be explicit reference to the fact that FRUIT FRIENDS is the intellectual owner of the material.

  3. Only documental material produced by FRUIT FRIENDS is authorised for private use, and in no case can the material be deleted, changed, eluded or any of the security systems installed be manipulated.

  4. It is forbidden to link to the final pages, the frame and any other similar manipulation. The links must always be to the principle page or homepage of Bornfruits.com

  5. Distinctive signs (brands, commercial names) belonging to FRUIT FRIENDS, are protected by industrial property rights and the use or manipulation of them is forbidden except if there is written authorization by FRUIT FRIENDS.

SECURE ON-LINE SHOPPING Security is a priority and therefore we make the maximum effort to assure that our process in terms of transactions is secure and in order to keep your personal information safe: • Do not share your personal information • Identify false e-mails (“spoofing” or “phishing”) • Inform any attempts at “phishing” • Protect your password • Always make your payments via payment methods given by Bornfruits.com

DO NOT SHARE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION FRUIT FRIENDS will never send you an e-mail and neither call you by telephone to ask you for your password or to verify your password belonging to your account and likewise will never ask for your bank account number or credit card and neither any other personal information. If anybody should contact you or send you and e-mail that you have not asked for, you should never give them any of your personal data previously mentioned. Also you should never respond and communicate to the appropriate authorities in order to proceed with investigating the incident.

IDENTIFY FALSE E-MAILS (“SPOOFING OR PHISHING)” Ignore all e-mails in which they demand personal information or ones which redirect you to another web page that does not belong to or any societies belonging to the group or in which they ask you to pay via a means which has not being authorised by FRUIT FRIENDS, as this could be an attempt at identity theft (“spoofing or phishing”) and must be considered as fraudulent.

FRUIT FRIENDS uses the “bornfruits.com” domain for all its e-mails. If you receive an e-mail in a different format, for example: Fruitfriends.security@hotmail.com, you can be assured that it is a false mail.

Some e-mails that use phishing contain links to a web page that uses the word “FRUIT FRIENDS” or “bornfruits” at their URL, but they will direct you to a web page that is completely different. If you drag your mouse over the link, you will be able to see the associated URL, which will probably have a different format to the correct web pages authorised by bornfruits.com.

Even if you click an e-mail that uses phishing and are redirected to a page that resembles “your account” or to any page that asks you to verify or modify your personal information, ignore it and consider it as fraudulent.

INFORM ANY ATTEMPTS AT PHISHING Send an e-mail to hello@bornfruits.com and attach any e-mail that you consider to be false. By attaching these e-mails, you will be helping to locate their origin.

If you cannot attach the false mail, forward it to hola@bornfruits.com and include as much information as possible about it.

ALWAYS MAKE YOUR PAYMENTS VIA PAYMENT METHODS GIVEN BY bornfruits.com Any payments made via methods authorised by FRUIT FRIENDS, are safe and guaranteed.

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